Sunday, November 9, 2008

Update From the Crocketts

As you can see we put some Hawaii pictures up and as you can see we cannot seem to get the slideshow centered and it would not allow us to put the 500 pictures we took. We also figured you would be very bored after a few so there you go.

New stuff....lets see....mike had his 33rd birthday in october, we had a party at his office with his staff, they decorated the office for him and we had a good time. Kristie made a Vodka cake which was excellent. Nothing else to exciting that night, we picked up the Kristie's parents for the week as they flew down for some dental work. The week before that Mike's parents were down also for some dental work. We had a great time with them. Always nice to see family since we live here alone and they all live in Utah.

We continue to keep busy and cannot believe how fast time flies by. We are looking forward for the holidays we will be here in AZ for Thanksgiving and are excited to go to friends house for dinner. We will be driving to Utah on Christmas Eve and be there for a week for Christmas. Maybe we will be able to see some of our friends from Ohio and Utah, that we have not seen for a long time it seems.

We hope you are all doing well and we enjoying checking out your blogs to keep up with your busy lives. Here is a picture of Mike and his staff at his office for his birthday.....

Hawaii 2008

As we promised here are some pictures finally of our latest trip to Maui, Hawaii..........It was a blast and we look forward to returning again next year.....

Halloween 2008

We were invited to a halloween party at a friends house. We decided to dress up as two of the Jackson 5, we had previously dressed up in these costumes back in 1999, wow times flies.... here are some pictures for you.....