Saturday, November 21, 2009

Officially Crocketts

Here is our sweet Judge. She was great and so willing to take pictures with us after the hearing was all done. Emotional time but so worth it. We will forever remember this day November 21, 2009.

This us with our case worker Talaisha. She helped us out a ton and are grateful she was there to guide us through all the paperwork and interviews.

Our Sweet Family. THE CROCKETTS......

Now 22 weeks old

Here are a few updates. Hadley did her first roll over on Friday November 13th. Cohen is lagging behind on the major movements but he loves his jumparoo and can really get that thing moving. He loves to laugh and smiles so big at you. Hadley has the cutest little smile as well, and still has that fireball attitude, but we love it keeps us on our toes. They both love to talk with us and love to be around groups of people. Our babysitter Jenny is great and they love having her watch them twice a week. They love to watch all sports with dad and at times we will catch them staring at the tv watching the fast action. Baby einsteins are another favorite of theirs. Hadley still does not like her car seat all that well, but today we seemed to make progress. Her poor skin is terrible right now, we think it is severe eczema we are going to get it checked out next week so we will keep you posted. Seems as if our living room cannot get anymore crowded with baby stuff but we seem to find room. Not sure where the christmas tree will go this year but we will make room for it. We are looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas is right around the corner.

Happy Halloween from our Bumble Bee and Flower 2009

October 2009

October was a busy and fun month for our little family. After we came home from Utah we took Hadley and Cohen in for their 4 month check up on October 19, 2009. Hadley weighed 12 lbs 12 oz, was 24 1/4 inches long and Cohen weighed 14 lbs 8 oz, was 25 inches long. Doctor said they were both healthy and growing.

October 20th was Mike's 34th birthday and we had a luncheon at his office with his team. It was fun to spend lunch with Mike.

On family night the Monday night before Halloween we had a few friends over to carve pumpkins and have some fun. We had lots of treats and a great time. We are fortunate to have such great friends and it is always nice to enjoy Kori's yummy cinnamon rolls upon mike's request.