Sunday, June 27, 2010

Father's Day/Twins Update June 2010

It seems like when they turned 1 some light went on and they have become mini toddlers, they think they are so big. Boy has it gotten a little busy around here, they are into EVERYTHING!!!!
Hadley is all over the place she loves to us her voice by screaming, laughing and jibber jabbering..If only we knew what she was saying, but she seems to know what she is talking about. She is so cute and is full of spunk, she is still the leader. She Pushes the buzz lightyear walking thing all over and sometimes Cohen is sitting and enjoying the ride. She is standing all by her self a lot and has taken about 3 to 4 steps all by herself, I am so surprised she isn't walking, I thought for sure she would have been by 1, but I guess she gets around by crawling much faster. She says momma da da and I have heard her say HI. She waves her hand and tries to point with her whole arm. Her year checkup she weighted 20lbs 5,5oz's (25th percent)length 29 1/2 inches (50th percent)

Cohen is full of giggles when you tickle him, he has a lot of ticklish spots. He jibber jabbers a lot too, and smiles with a open mouth. He is still drooling a ton, always hanging from his chin, and always has wet shirts. He on the other hand does not like to push walking toys, just likes to hold your hands to walk. He also is standing all by himself and has taken a few steps. I was not thinking he would be walking by 1, he likes to take his own sweet time. He says momma and da da Hi and I have heard him say bye bye. He crawls away really fast when we come up on him and if we startle him, it's really funny we get a good laugh. He is a binki boy he loves to have one in his mouth and one in his hand, and he loves to steal Hadley's and likes to swap binki's back and forth. He dosen't care if he has the pink one he just loves them. At his year check up he weighed 21lbs 9.5 oz's (25th percent) height 30 3/4 (75th percent) both heads are in the 50th percent.

They both love there food snacks, popsicle's, sipi's of water. They are pooping machines and they usually are poopy at the same time or one right after the other. They still both have 8 sharp teeth and they are starting to bite crackers with them. We are so blessed to be there parents and we have loved every minute of it. Life does get challenging and patience runs low, but we are so happy to be there every step of the way......

Here is Cohen's and Mike's matching ties that grandpa Mike Crockett gave to Mike for Father's Day.. Thanks grandpa. This is Mike's 2nd father's day and he loves being a daddy. He is the BEST dad we could ever ask for. Cohen and Hadley really love there daddy, but Cohen is a daddy's boy right now. It is so cute. We love you dad and keep up the good work and thanks for always playing with us and making us laugh. Next year Fathers day and there birthday will be on the same day, that will be a great day. I love you too Babe.

Cohen Took A Header OUCH!!!

About a half hour before the birthday party Cohen lost his balance and landed head first into one of their new toys. Kristie caught the moment right before he fell on accident as you can see in the first picture. He looks as if he knows he is going to hit. Mike was trying to keep gifts from falling off the table, and took his eyes off him and wam bam. Nice big bump he had all night. He cried pretty hard but only a few minutes. Luckily it swelled out quickly and did not bleed. Tough kid, not the last time he will bump his head.

Twins 1st Birthday Slideshow

Birthday Announcement

Well the twins are now 1 can you believe it. June 19, 2010. Wow a year goes by so fast, we can hardly believe it. It was great day, sunny and 105 degrees. We had a few friends and Mike's mom and My mom made it down from Utah to spend the weekend with us. We had Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, chips and salad. For dessert we had blue and pink cupcakes. We made the kids oversized cupcakes, they were chocolate with butter creme frosting and they were delicious. Kids got a bunch of new toys. After opening the presents we all went swimming, well actually Mike and all the kids went swimming, no other adults got into the pool. We are realizing that pretty much every toy out there makes some sort of noise. Thanks to all of you who called or sent cards or both. We appreciate the love and support.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Hadley Eating her Crib

So we woke one morning first part of this month and this is what we found. Nice huh. Hadley decided we had not gotten to her early enough to get her bottle so she figured her crib would do just fine....