Sunday, October 14, 2007

Helicopter Tour In Hawaii

We forgot to add these pictures from our hawaii trip. We took this awesome helicopter tour of the island of Maui. It was a fun little helicopter a 4 seater. We got a great view as we sat in the front seats, the pilot played the theme song from Magnum PI while we toured the island.


Mike Water Skiing

Mike has always loved to water ski, but being in Arizona he has found that he can now ski at least 8-9 months out of the year. He has joined a water ski league and will soon be competing in tournaments. He and his friend go to a private lake at least once a week where they have a full ski course to ski on. Here he is skiing the bouys. For those of you who understand tournament skiing he is skiing 30 MPH at 15 feet off. Still in the entry level but getting ready to move up to shorter rope lengths and faster speeds soon.

St. George Marathon

We went to support the Barney's on their annual St. George marathon for the third year now. It is always fun to get together at least once a year. And to our surprise Chris and Stacie were there as well. Chris running for the first time. Congrats to all three of you for your accomplishments. Jason and Kellie are headed to Boston and we can't wait to go and support again. Even though we go every year to support we will not be running anytime soon. Anyone who wants to train and run another marathon the PF Changs marathon will be held here in Phoenix in January. Free room and board at our house. Here are some pictures we took while we were in St. George.