Sunday, April 25, 2010

Update April 25, 2010

On April 19, 2010 Hadley and Cohen reached 10 months. It is hard to believe how fast a month goes. As you can see by the above pictures Cohen started to stand up about a week ago almost a month and a half behind Hadley. She seems to be progressing faster with these things. Hadley is still the leader of the two and Cohen follows her everywhere she goes. It is cute to watch as Hadley will go ahead of him but she will always turn around, sit and wait for him to catch up. They have recently played more together with laughter. Cohen still finds it funny to pull her hair and laugh about it. He is not quite understanding that it hurts. Probably does not help that Dad wrestles with him every night and seems to think Hadley should be able to take it like dad. They open every cabinet door and pull everything out. Just a couple of busy bees. It is non stop around here during the day. Nap time is great when they actually sleep. Cohen seems to sleep about 2 hours per nap and Hadley usually makes an hour. Then we pay the price later in the evening as Hadley usually does not get enough sleep. They love the bath as they love to stand up and play with all their toys. They love walks in the stroller outside. They love outside. We found a swingset for them to use at a park and they love it. At bedtime we have always tried to put them to bed at the same time and it has worked pretty well, but they honestly will not go to bed without each other. They seem to know when one is up and the other is sleeping. One night in particular we put them to bed they both woke up and wanted to play. We sat on the couch and watch them laugh and play for about an hour. We were so glad we let them play and not put them to bed right away. Cohen had his first haircut in the living room with Mike holding him. He did not even complain or cry. He loved squirting the water in his mouth from the water bottle. They still love to lots of people and are not afraid of anyone. They are very happy and we love them so much. Life is so different now but a better different. We continue to thank everyone who helped us and answered our prayers for these two. We are so blessed just like everyone who is a parent is. It is amazing how much love you can have for someone else and how Heavenly Father allows us to feel a piece of the love he has for us as his children.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Grandma Barbara's Birthday Bag

Easter Morning

Boating at Saguaro Lake

Easter Weekend 2010

On March 17th Hadley said "da da" for the first time. She was repeating her dad as he kept saying say "da da" finally she did. It was so cute as she looked right at dad and said it. Over Easter weekend she began saying "ma ma" as well and it was non stop all that weekend. We loved it. Cohen started saying "ma ma" a week later after Easter. He now says "ba ba" when he wants his bottle.

Grandma and Grandpa Crockett came down to Arizona this year for Easter and we had a great time spending time with them. We went Golfing, went shopping, went to Firehouse subs, and boating. Also Grandma bought herself an i phone for her birthday. Fun watching her learn how to use it. She needed Mike's help to show here how to use it. The temperature was great as usual in April. We were fortunate to watch Conference and learn form our Prophet and Apostles. We are so blessed to have the gospel in our lives and have current teachings from them.

Taking the boat out for the first time was a blast, we only spent a couple of hours at Saguaro lake but it was great. Hadley hated her life jacket at first but after a while she liked it. Cohen never complained about it. They loved the wind in their hair as Mike flew across the water. Mike thinks they will be waterskiing next summer.......dont think so mike.

It was a great weekend and we love having visitors. Anytime come on down we would love to have you...

Saturday, April 3, 2010

First Time behind the Bike

We took the twins out for their first bike ride on a sunday afternoon. The weather here in AZ is so awesome this time of year. 8 months we love it and 4 months we love it but deal with it. HOTT...Hadley and Cohen had a great time cruising behind the bike while dad did all the work. Of course as usual Mom was taking all the pictures.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

March 2010

Hadley and Cohen are 9 months old now. What a blast having them in our family. We love them so much. Cohen now weighs 19.12, and 29.5 inches long, Hadley weighs 18.5 , and 27.75 inches long. Here is a new slide show. We are very blessed.....