Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hanging out

Santa 2011

So we took are kids to Dana Park a shopping plaza to see Santa, Hadley was ready Cohen was not so sure when we got right up to him. But we were successful. They told Santa they wanted TOYS!!!! Sweet anything goes, I guess. After we hung out and looked at some booths and ate Kettlecorn. Oh when they saw the popcorn, they were all over it. The tempurture was perfect and we have a really fun night.


The last 3 or 4 years we have been invited to go to Chicago the first weekend of December by Paul Kelly, AZ Max, Mikes oral surgen, to join them for some CE courses. Mike loves this weekend because he loves doing this type of work. It is so much fun with all of the ladies. While Mike is in classes, I go out with all the ladies and shop till we drop. We always eat really good food and I always have some amazing conversations. It is a blast to be in Chicago during this time of year, we love the Kelly's they are so fun to be with. Thanks AZ Maz for another great year. I didn't get many pictures at all but here is us with Paul and Kara Kelly.

Pictures Alicia captured of the kiddies