Sunday, January 17, 2010

First Christmas Together 2009

We had a great time over the Christmas Holiday. Hadley and Cohen were such troopers as we took them all over Utah and back visiting as many family and friends as we could.

Our Annual Ohio Christmas Party

It was fun to spend an evening with all or our good friends from Ohio. We were able to get together at Mike's mom and dad's house. It was a snowy night but most everyone that was in town made it over. It is nice to see everyone at least once a year. Hope to do it again next year and maybe more friends will be able to make it.

Christmas 2009 UTAH

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas with Santa

We took the kids to see Santa at the San Tan Mall in Gilbert. They kids did great and did not even cry. Hadley was more interested in the feather the girl was using to get their attention. First time Mike and I have gone to see Santa in years.

First Family Christmas Card 2009

At the Temple

Temple and Blessing December 5, 2009

We had the most amazing experience this past month. On December 5, 2009 we were able to bless Hadley and Cohen and have them sealed to us in the Mesa Temple. We have had a lot of spiritual experiences throughout the years but this was by far and away the most spiritual. To be able to be with so many friends and family in the Temple was the best. We are so blessed to have the gospel in our lives and be able to experience such great events. Both Hadley and Cohen were great in the temple and did not make a peep, they just stared at the lights and all the people. It was really cute after the ceremony when we were thanking those that came, Hadley began to laugh, they knew where they were and we could tell they were very happy. It was so nice to be with all of us there.

Hadley is rolling all over the place and trying her hardest to crawl. She gets those legs pumping and arms moving but cant quite put them together yet. Cohen still likes to lay on his back and will roll one way for now. He is a little behind but will catch up soon. They both love to laugh and love to smile a lot. They are such easy babies to be around. We know no different but we would have to say they are easy. They are both now eating some baby food, and Hadley cant eat it fast enough, she wants to take the spoon and do it herself, Cohen just likes to lay back and eat is slowly almost as if he is trying to enjoy it. Both of them have two lower teeth now. They look so cute when they smile with those little teeth showing, lets see we only have 18 more baby to go. Mike cant wait to have them in the dental chair to get their first dental cleanings done.

Both of them are sleeping through the night and have been for the past 4 months. Lucky us. Hadley will still wake up around 6 am and need to be rolled over but they both sleep at least 10 hours a night now. Seems like we have gained our late evenings back a little bit. Life is just not the same anymore but we love it. Cannot imagine life any other way now. We will continue to blog as often as we can.

Hadley and Cohen's Baby Blessing Weekend With Family and Friends