Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ear Surgery

When Kristie was younger her niece had gotten hold of her ear ring and pulled it completely through her ear. She had it repaired once but over the years it had torn back through. Dr. Kelly and Oral Surgeon we know here had her in to stitch it up. Hopefully the pictures are not to graphic for anyone. She just had the stitches out this weekend and it is looking pretty good.

Mike's Office Christmas Dinner

Mike's office decided to have this years Christmas Dinner in our back yard. We set up some tables and chairs and put some decor on the tables. We had the food catered from an Italian restaurant. It got a little cold that evening so we all crammed inside our living room and had some good laughs and dessert.

This is the Dentist that Mike bought his practice from along with his friend Vicki

Kristie already to roll for the evening.

Chicago Dental Implant Seminar 2008

We were invited to the AMMOS (dental implant) seminar with two of the Oral Surgeons that Mike refers patients to. It was held in freezing Chicago. We stayed at the Sheraton and had a great time with the people we went with. Kristie and the rest of the women spent two days walking up and down the Miracle Mile shopping and freezing. The wind chills for those of you who have lived in the Midwest are killer, right to the bone. We have to admit that although it was freezing cold it was kind of a nice change from Arizona. We both missed it just a little. On a funny note, the other General Dentist with us is married to Mike's fifth grade home room teacher, how crazy is that. It was her first job after graduating from college, Mike was 11 years old and she was 23.

Kristie with the girls inside the hotel nice and warm.

The whole group. Dr. Beavers, Dr. Kelly, Dr. Crockett and Dr. Boyse

Freezing on the Mile