Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kids are FUNNY

Here are some pictures of the kids playing with play dough after church a couple of Sundays ago, they were so excited we could not get there clothes changed... Of course Mike bought the dentist set so there making teeth. We have the regular play dough kit too. Some random pictures of the kids waiting at the car wash.

Random fun!!!1

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Our car after RAGNAR

The yellow lines mean road kill when you pass someone, then if someone passes you you have to erase a line. There were 12 people on his team.. Team YOGGERS!!!!! 6 of them were in our van for 24 hours, STINKY....

Mike's accomplishments

So back in December Mike committed to his friend to run the phoenix half marathon, remind you that he has not ran since he was playing baseball back when he was a senior in high school. So like almost 18 years. It was Saturday March 3rd. Well he stuck to it and started to train, well then he was asked to run the ragnar relay race the end of February. He had to run 3 legs in 24 hours, total of 16.4 miles. So he said well I already training so what the heck. I'm so proud of him he did so well. We went to cheer him on at the end of the half marathon. He came in at 2 hours. The picture is wrong time because it took me a minute to get close enough to get a picture. The kids loved it they had all sorts of fun things going on. Cohen, Hadley, and I were yelling GO DAD GO!!! WE love our dad.....

Grandma Nancy

Here are 2 pictures of grandma Nancy with the kids when she here visiting us in February

Friday, March 9, 2012

Random Fun

Camel Ride


Kori invited us to go to the zoo with Truleigh's preschool class. Hadley and Cohen LOVE the zoo, Jennie our babysitter takes them all the time, So when she asked I couldn't say no, My mom was in town Grandma Nancy came with us, I didn't get a picture of her at the zoo dang it.....Cohen loves to feed the sting rays, they love to ride the camel. I need to find a picture of that, they love feeding the giraffe, and they love the petting zoo. Every time they go they have to get popcorn, so cute.....