Sunday, April 26, 2009

Table, Desk, Fence

As I said in an earlier post we had to have a pool fence put in so I thought I would show you what it looks like. It turned our better then we had expected as we liked not having a fence. The company did a great job with it anyhow. We also decided it was about time that we get a new kitchen table. We bought our old table from RC Willey in 1997, it was a little overdue for a change. Our office in our home has been a collection of boxes since we moved in, in 2005. It was also about time for some new furniture for that room as well. We had a bunch of boxes as Mike had to put it together. We left the boxes outside for bulk trash pick up and everyone thought we had purchased baby furniture, they got a good laugh when we said it was a table and desk. The baby furniture is on its way as well.

Cerva's In Town

Mike's sister and her family came to visit us for their annual Easter trip. We had a great time with them. We did plenty of Water skiing, Wake boarding, and swimming. The kids loved the warm weather we have here and did not waste a minute getting into our pool. We had a great Easter, hunting easter eggs in our back yard. We also took their family to their first Diamondbacks baseball game. Here a couple of pictures from the game. Mike's sister took a bunch of pictures so hopefully she will send us some.

Another Update

I guess it is time for another update from the Crockett's seeming how we do not post very much on here. Recently over the past few months facebook has taken over most of my time from blogging, so if you get a chance and are a member of facebook you can search for me there and add me to your facebook as well. It has been a fun way to communicate with friends and family, and it has been fun to find alot of my friends from high school and see how they are doing.
The past few months for us have been great. We have been preparing our home for the arrival of our twins and we cannot wait, seems like it is still so far away, but we know it will be here so fast. We have been officially certified for adoption. It was quite the chore to get there as they had us babyproof our entire home. It is kind of funny now to walk around our house, have no kids as of yet but be completely kidproof. We did have to put a fence around our pool, which was ok since we would want one anyway with kids in the house. It is so sad how many kids fall into pools around the country and we do not want to be part of that statistic. Helen(birthmom) is doing great we talk to her a few times a week and we could not love her more. The gift she is giving us is indescribable and we will forever love her. For those of you who do not know we have the names already picked out, actually we have had them picked out for a few years. Hadley Ann and Cohen Michael. It is so cool that it will actually be a reality in a few short months. The Lord continues to bless us and we are so thankful for the way he does it. You never know how or when he will bless you but he will each and everytime.