Friday, July 22, 2011

The twins turned 2

Oh my gosh I can't believe the twins are 2, they are into everything. Cohen he is especially he also throws everything and in mid air he say's catch. He has broken several things due to this. He is BOY!!!! She is Girly for what I can tell, she carries all my bags around and say's purse. She is a the little mother and she is the BOSS. Some days are very challenging, but for the most part they are so much fun. They make me laugh, I love watching them. They are different in many ways but, that's what we want right they are boy and girl. Now they are talking up a storm, she tries to copy more, but he all of a sudden say's something so you know he is listening. He say's HI to everyone it is so cute. She is a little shy until she warms up. Here is some pictures of there Birthday. We love you so much, thanks for making the past 2 years so much fun and challenging!!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The night of June 1st was the biggest shock of my life

June 1st 2011 my 37 year old brother just older than me was killed in a small plane crash. All 4 people died. He was coming home from a business meeting from st. George. It was a really windy day so they re routed there trip to go to Wendover insead of the main channel thinking it would be better. The plane ride was really bumpy and the landing was very hard. A witness saw the landing and said it was rough well then a shear wind picked it back up and threw it into the ground. They were landing in Wendover to get some fuel, they were running lower do to the weight of the plane and the wind. I got the call just after we had given our kids a bath and were just starting to relax with the Cerva family. It was there last night they were leaving really early Thursday morning. So around 9:00 pm I got the call, shear SHOCK, it was the most awful phone call I have ever been on. All I could say was NO,NO,NO. Mike came over to me and knew it was bad, he grabbed me and held me tight as I told him and the news. I started to collapse in his arms and was crying so hard. His poor boys 3 boys 11 9 and 51/2 and wife. My heart still hurts and the tears keep coming for the loss of my brother. His kids have had a really hard time and Sally the poor thing. I can't imagine being her and losing my spouse. How does she pick up the pieces. She is doing her best and is holding her boys that much tighter. Thank you everyone for your thought prayers and phone calls. I know that the prayers are carrying us through this.

More random pictures of the fun