Sunday, October 30, 2011

Before bed time fun

We were bouncing them on the ball and dancing all over our house here is some action.. Of course I'm not in the action because I'm the one who grabbed the camera....

Our little BUCKEYES

Mike totally has Cohen brain washed about The Ohio State BUCKEYES... He loves the Buckeyes, when ever he see's something that resembles the buckeyes he lets you know it. Mike loves it, he has waited so many years for this....Cohen is also obsessed with Baseball, Mike again loves it all..

My grandpa Neslen and my step grandma's 90th birthday party

I snuck up to Utah for a quick weekend in September for the big 90th birthday party.... I haven't been up to Utah in 11 or 12 years in the fall and wow it was beautiful...... This was the first time going back to Utah after Justin died. It was so hard being there and knowing that on this earth I'm not going to see him again. I miss him so much. I'm glad I went up to face that before the holidays. The holidays are going to be hard, but we will get through it. His cute family came to the party and it was so good to see them. As you can see there is a missing piece to our family picture. I love you Justin..

1 handsome dude got left out of random pictures

Random pictures