Sunday, May 23, 2010

Never Say Never

Never say never because for some reason it always comes back to bit me in the butt..So the time came to get a bigger car that would fit our family and all the family that comes down to visit, and room for road trips to Utah and where ever we need to go. See what 13 years of marriage and twins do to you, you do things you were never going to do. I was going to just buy a black surburban with fancy wheels, but then I decided to get something more cost efficient, price, gas and so one.. So the decision was made a mini van.. who wants to drive a mini van? NO ONE, but it made sense for us since we already have a truck that Mike won't get a rid of and we both like it and need it.. So I bit the bullet and got the Honda Odyssey, I got black with gray interior. That is another thing, I keep getting gray inside. I really wanted black interior, but they couldn't find me one so black with gray it is... So now I'm a mom with a sweet ride check it out

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

11 Months Today

The twins had their 11 month birthday today. They are all over the place now. Love to stand, crawl, get into EVERYTHING. They say mama and dada all the time but still are not walking. We thought they might be walking at this time but not quite yet. We are ok with it though, because when they start walking we are really in trouble. They still have the biggest smiles and love to laugh alot. Cohen has found his little personality and it is pretty cute. He still likes to bite his sister and anything in his way for that matter. He follows Hadley everywhere she goes as she is still faster. She needs to be faster to keep out of his biting path. Cohen has had three haircuts so far and is need of a fourth. That kid has hair. Hadley still has whispy hair and it has gotten very light as you can see from the pictures. They are so much fun to have around and we love to come home from work to be with them. They are starting to figure out that they want to be with us as they cry when we leave for work or date night and sometimes stay up until both of us are home to tell them goodnight. They each have 8 teeth now, four on top and four on bottom. Hard to believe that they will be ONE next month. We are so blessed to have them in our family and are reconfirmed each day we see them that they were meant for our home. We have been blessed so much this past year and are thankful everyday for what we have in our life. We love you Hadley and Cohen

First Time In Backyard Pool

Hadley and Cohen got their first dip in the pool when we got home from Maui. They loved it. Hard time getting them out of the water. It was 95 degree outside with the pool temp around 75. Perfect swimming conditions. We need to take advantage of this type of weather as it is going to get really HOT soon.

Maui, Hawaii May 2010

We just got back from Maui, Hawaii this past sunday. We had a blast. This year we went with Mike's Mom and Dad, brother, and two sisters along with their spouses. We spent a week on Kaanapali beach at the Marriott, left our children at home, just adults. We had planned this trip at Christmas 2008 and seemed so far away and now cannot believe it has come and gone.

Sunday we spent the evening at a luau in a town called Lahaina and watched them roast a whole pig and then an evening of dancing. Earlier in the day Kristie had a beach side massage from Mike for Mother's day which was pure heaven.

Tuesday we took the long road to Hana. It has the be the prettiest drive in america. The waterfalls and hiking is amazing. So green and lush. Took all day to drive up and back, but we all rented convertibles which made the drive so much fun.

Snorkling is always a blast and especially this time as we were able to swim with about 100 spinner dolphins right off the beach at Honolua Bay. They were jumping all over. So close we could almost touch them.

One of the highlights was driving down the road and seeing two humpback whales right off the beach. They are usually not there that late in May but we got lucky to see them.

The zipline was a rush as well. Geez the whole trip was just fun. We had plenty of time to relax and catch some rays as well.

Our twins did great with Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Kim Yates. They were just fine for them and probably did not even know we were gone. We were fortunate to have them here so we could get away and not have to worry about leaving them. We were sad to leave Maui but very happy to see our children. It was our first real time away from them together and it felt great but different, almost like we were missing something. Cant wait to go back again next year.

Below is a slideshow with some of our fun times we had......