Sunday, March 14, 2010

Updated slideshow February-March 2010

Mischievious Little Miss Hadley

We left the pantry doors open while we were getting ready for church this morning, we left Hadley to play while Cohen was still asleep. We walked out to check on her and this is what we found. Guess we really do need to button down the hatch.......and this is only the be continued.

Twin Update March 14, 2010

The twins are growing like crazy and changing every day. Seems as if time is going by so fast with these little ones. They will be 9 months old this coming week, can you believe it? Seemed as if this time would not come soon enough this same time last year. Mike keeps saying he wants the twins to grow up but it is going way to fast. We try hard to cherish each moment with them, but to be honest it is hard to remember everything that happens each day so we are glad we at least take this time to journal and remember some the the many wonderful moments with them.

Hadley is crawling all over now and gets into everything she can get her hands on. The scooting phase lasted about a week and she good to go on hands and knees now. She started to pull herself up to standing the other day and before we know she will be on her little feet running around. Mike kept saying he wanted to see them walk and crawl and now he is thinking twice as they are now mobile they require quite a bit more attention. She has the biggest smile and cutest laugh, you cant help but laugh and smile back at her. She also crinkles her nose when she smiles big we love it. She still loves to cry and loves to be held. Now that she is mobile she follows her mom all over the house and when she reaches her she pulls on her pant legs or feet and cries at her feet until she gets picked up. As soon as she is in mom's arms its all better.

Cohen is still our little chill man. Although he has come out of his little shell and shown that he has a voice as well. He loves his sister so much as each morning he sees her he smiles and tries to talk to her. He is an emotional boy already with such a sweet little heart. But again with all that said he loves to try to bite Hadley and pull her hair. When he does he laughs and laughs and she cries and cries. We guess that is his way of saying " I LOVE YOU HADLEY " He has finally figured out how to move forward but will only do it if he sees something he wants. He scoots then rolls then scoots. He gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth and thrusts himself forward like a dolphin. He has a bad habit of forgetting he is on the tile floor and usually hits his little head or mouth, cries for a few seconds and keeps at it. He is still drooling everywhere but he should as has cut 3 more teeth in the upper jaw totalling 5 with his two on the bottom. He loves to laugh and loves to role and play with his dad on the floor.

Both of them love crowds and lots of people. They are so entertained but all our friends kids. Hadley tries to join in already but cannot get to far yet. Cohen just stares at them and smiles. Both of them sit really well and no longer need our assistance or the bumbos to sit. Good job guys.

They have blessed our lives immensely and we thank our Heavenly Father everyday for them. There is nothing better then coming home from work or being away and having them look at you with mouths wide open with the biggest smiles. They just want our kisses and to be held for a bit to know how much we love them. We have the best babysitter two days a week and we are so fortunate to have her, the twins love her so much, it is not easy to be alone all day with twins but she never complains and always loves them. It is so nice for Kristie to get away a couple of days to work and know that they are in Excellent hands.

We only hope we can raise them as best as possible as this world we live in is so difficult. We pray everyday for them and all those who helped us get to this point in our lives.

Patient Appreciatio BBQ

It was that time of year again for Mike's patient appreciation BBQ. He does this once a year to give back to the patients that support his practice. They patients love this as the majority of them are retired. It is always fun and this year we had the twins to celebrate with us. It was fun for the patients to meet Hadley and Cohen and they loved every minute of it. As you will see Hadley got hold of a brownie and she smooshed it all over her cute little face. She was in heaven. Finally something SWEET she must have thought. Geez mom and dad why are you holding out on me. Anyway it was a good day the weather was in the mid 70s and we had a great time.

Cohen Found His Favorite Tree AGAIN

We moved the tree but Cohen still managed to find it in his walker. He has definitely found a friend. He loves his walker as he can chase down his sister who is crawling. Hadley likes the walker but only for a few minutes, she would rather crawl and scoot. Cohen has recently started to scoot forward but still very slow. These kids are so much fun for us. We are so lucky to have them in our life and look forward to every smile they give us. We love you Cohen and Hadley.