Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cohen and the Tree

Look what happened while mike was in Florida. I was bathing Hadley on Saturday night and just before I put Hadley in the water, I heard a swoosh sound and though that sounds like our tree in our living room. As I walked out this what I saw. Cohen had managed to pull down the tree and bury himself underneath the leaves. The funny thing was he never cried or made a sound. So I hurried and took these pictures and laughed and laughed, and then proceeded to pull him out and finish bathing the kids. HILIARIOUS.
Somebody Help me.........
Hi mom I love you......I'm cute.....


Cohen constantly drooling, his shirts are always soaked. He reminds of us a friend of ours son McKay that was constantly drooling as well. He was always soaked as well. Kellie looks like we have a McKay junior.

Valentines Day 2010 after church

This past month we celebrated Kristie's birthday. We were able to have dinner with some friends for her birthday. For Valentine's Day we went to our friends Kori and Tyler for dinner which Hadley and Cohen loved all the fun kids there as usual. We cant believe how fast time is going by. The twins are 8 months old now and are coming into their little personalities. Cohen now has another tooth making three total two on bottom one on top. Hadley is most likely cutting another tooth as well as she is a little bit more fussy lately. She is army crawling now and moves all over. Cohen gets upset as he can only go backwards. He gets pinned against a wall or couch and cries out for us to come move him. We recently bought them walkers and Cohen is so happy that he can get around now better. Kristie survived a whole weekend alone with the twins while Mike was off to Florida. Kids did great and all went well. Mike was pretty excited as he was able to golf PGA National where they hold the Honda Classic PGA tour event next month. The course was all ready to go for the tournament so he was pretty lucky. This past month was the same time last year that we spent time in Fargo going to the ultrasound to first meet Hadley and Cohen. Wow time flies. We look forward to watching them grow and being there for them every step of the way. We are very blessed and thank our Heavenly Father everyday for these two wonderful blessings and the gift of parenthood.

January - February Pictures 2010