Friday, January 9, 2009


We hope everyone had a great year in 2008 and Happy 2009!! We hope you all have a great year and much success in all you do. As for us not much has changed still the same ol stuff. We enjoy hearing from all of you and seeing your families grow. Check out our a latest blog entries below......Happy NEW YEAR 2009...

Poor Buckeyes

Well for the third year in a row Mike went to the Buckeyes BCS football game and for the third time he had to watch them lose. Third time was almost the charm as the Buckeyes were two minutes from victory. The game was played in Glendale, AZ and of course he could not pass up the chance to see them play live. Mike his dad and brother completed the football weekend by going to the game and our cheers were just as loud(as during the Utah game) and we were all hoarse but did not seem to help on this night......great game for all of you who don't follow the buckeyes. Mike will continue to love his Buckeyes but man they make it tough......

Big Mike and Kyle

John Schmid a good friend from Dental School went to the game with us


After a long drive from Utah back to AZ, Mike his Dad and Brother were excited to camp out on the couch and watch the Utes play Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. What a game.....The Utes were not expected even be in the game and they came out and laid a good old fashioned woopin on them. The game was really over after the first quarter but as the game went on the Cheers got louder and louder, even loud enough that Kristie had to turn it on in the other room to see what all the fuss was about. We jumped up and down and yelled as if the players and coaches could hear us. What a game...........Way to go Utes the ONLY team in college football to be Undefeated in 2008......

Just for the record for those of you have not been to our house our walls are not PINK.......ha ha

Training Table...mmmmmmmmmmm

The trip to Utah would never be complete if Mike did not get to go to Training Table restaurant for lunch. As you can see from the pictures he loved every minute of it. The extra cheese was perfect on the fries and the number 1 with pickles was excellent and to top it off a nice coke. Of course Kristie does not like the food their so she got to watch Mike stuff his face. The whole Crockett family came along and with all of us there we took up a whole section of the restaurant. MMMMMMMMMMM GOOOOOOOOOOD!!

Utah Snow

We woke up to this beautiful snow storm the day after Christmas in Utah. We only get to see snow once a year so had to take some pictures from the Crockett porch.

Ohio Christmas Party

While were in Utah over the holidays we were able to get together with a some of our Ohio friends that live in Utah or were visiting like us. We all met in Pleasant View, Utah at Jason and Nancy Church's home. We had a great time remembering our time in Ohio and catching up with our friends. Hopefully we can continue to meet up whenever we get the chance.