Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday on our way home

We again took an early flight out on Sunday are plan left at 8:05 so we woke our kids up at 6:15 and off we went to the airport. We made it home safe and sound at 9:45 am. On the way home Cohen said my go back to my Utah. Oh so sad, and they they both said go to grandmas house. Even on the way home they both said get more chocolate at grandmas house, they really must have like grandmas house. We almost made it home before both kids were asleep. we put them right into there beds, home sweet home.. Thanks everyone for a great and eventful Thanksgiving weekend.. Here are some pictures of our kids before we got on the plane.

Saturday Thanksgiving weekend

We woke up to help grandpa and Mike to clean up leaves, Kids were out helping and loving it. Later Nick, Chance and Sophie came over to play(cousins). they played and played outside all afternoon. That night we went to see the temple lights. They were beautiful and as we were driving by the temple to park Cohen yelled temple, man that kid is smart. We meet family members there, but we didn't last to long. The kids hands were frozen and they wouldn't keep there gloves on and Cohen didn't like it. Hadley could of cared less she was just fine. Cohen kept saying go back to grandmas house, and then it was go back to papa's truck. We knew he was done. We left and went back to the Crockett's house and there were grandma and grandpa Yates to say good bye to us. We had fun being with our families, but we have some work cut out for us with these 2 2 year olds. See you at Christmas... maybe... HAHA!!!!

Friday continue Thanksgiving weekend

Friday we just went shopping around 9;00 in the morning at the mall just to mess around. We tried to see Santa but he wasn't there that early. We didn't even buy anything so we left and went home played around and gave the kids a nap. Then we were off to go put a Christmas tree on Justin's grave. As I was buying the little tree I broke down and started to cry it was such a reality that I was doing this. So many people were probably decorating there Christmas trees that day so I thought he needed one to. Mike and the kids got out with me but it was cold so the kids went and got back into the truck, while I had a moment with Justin. All I could do was cry and kept asking why. It wasn't my choice but I guess he was needed for bigger and better things. I miss him so much and it was so hard to be at his grave but I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Justin I hope you are decorating that tree just the way you like it, I miss and love you so much..Merry Christmas!!!!

Thanksgiving Weekend

So 2 weeks before Thanksgiving Mike decided we were going to Utah. Our flight Thanksgiving morning at 6:30 am, yes call us crazy. We woke our kids up at 4;30 and away we went to the airport. We landed at 8;30 in the morning and grandpa as Cohen now calls him PAPA came to pick us up. Off we went to grandma and grandpa's house, our kids were so excited to go to Utah. when we were getting off the plane the pilot let our kids go sit in the cockpit wow what a treat. Here are some pictures of some of our fun!!!!Kids loved playing with there cousins. Mike and I got into a honeybutter food fight so I had to sahre the picture... What are we little kids??

Here are some random pictures taken . the picture of Hadley and Cohen on the floor is pretty much how one of them or both of them sleep for nap time. Yes they get out of there cribs and PARTY and then they crash where ever. I have even found her in the closet all bundled up once. The Party usually is destroying there room, it's quit the sight.....Grandma Nancy came back for a visit the first part of November, we had a blast with Grandma.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


This is what I found in her ghost purse is what she kept calling it. Mean mom I threw all of there hard work away except for there M&M's they love those.....


I work until 4, came home a got the kids ready for trick or treating. We went over to Kori's house (who now lives in our old house they are renting it from us) for a party with lots of yummy food. My kids loved trick or treating they couldn't get enough of it, they were running from house to house. I learned that Hadley loves suckers. The houses that put the bowl near her reach she was grabbing the sucker. I have proof on how many she opened and tried to eat on our way, I;m sure there were more on the ground. It was a beautiful night and we had a blast. Thanks grandma Barbie for making our costumes, we loved them!!!!!!