Saturday, December 11, 2010

Breakfast with Santa Ward Party December 11, 2010

Kids were not too happy with santa this morning. haha. After we took them off his lap they stopped screaming and Hadley even gave Santa a kiss on the nose.

Mesa Temple Lights December 10, 2010

We took the kids to see the Mesa Temple lights. Temperature was 65 perfect. Kids had a great time, music was nice and the temple looks great.

Office Party December 10, 2010

For our annual Christmas party at Mike's office we rented a limo and surprised the team with a ride to Chandler Mall for lunch at Benihana. Then we sent the group in two teams to do a shopping scavenger hunt. It was a blast. These women are competitive for sure. The winning team will get lunch on the office and got to keep the remaining money not spent during the hunt. We had a gift exchange on the ride back to the office. It was a great time. Mike has a great group of people he works with and is very blessed to have them. Thanks to all of you for another great year......

Winning Team, Tara, Liz, Joan, Tanya, Elva

Gotta love the gifts we made them search for, including: 1 french fry, pair of underwear with orange on them, christmas socks, pictures wearing christmas sweaters, and auntie anns preztels.

Losing Team, Judy, Jamie, Sheila, Henrie, Chris and Becca

Chicago December 2010

Every December AZ Maxillofacial Surgeons, takes us to Chicago with a small group of doctors for the annual AAMOS dental implant seminar. We always have a great time with this group. Mike works very closely with the oral surgeons and I love hanging out and shopping with their wives. We were fortunate to have Jennie our sitter take care of the kids for three days for us while we were gone. Thanks Jennie.

Kara and I by the outdoor ice skating rink.

Paul and Mike

Half of our group in the lobby of our hotel....Thanks to you all for a great trip.

Helping Mom in the Kitchen

Hadley and Cohen love to stand on these chairs and play with all my cooking utensils. Love to act like they are stirring and making things.

Training Table Lunch

We had lunch with Mike's brother Kyle his kids, his mom and dad and my mom at the training table. Gotta love those cheese fries.....

Thanksgiving Dinner In Kamas, Utah 2010

For Thanksgiving this year we decided a couple of weeks before to surprise our families in Utah and fly up to visit them. We took a later flight from Phoenix where the temperature was around 75 degrees and landed in Utah where the temperature was 10 degrees and freezing. Mike had rented a car from enterprise and had to wait in the freezing cold without his jacket thanks to Kristie. He finally got his car and it was only car covered in snow. Luckily the employees cleaned it off for him. We ended up with Chrystler M300 nice car, fairly large in size until we tried to put our luggage, car seats and stroller in there. It did not fit. So here we are freezing cold kids are tired and freezing, and we cannot fit all the luggage in our car. Our only option as bigger cars were all rented was to put the stroller on kristie's lap. So off we went with all our gear and stroller on kristie. She could not even see out of the car. It was so funny.

We got unloaded a the downtown Marriot and got all unpacked and off to bed. We shared two double beds with the kids, well actually we each had an edge of the bed while the kids took the whole bed. Sometime during the night Cohen had worked his way over the other side of the bed and bam..he fell off the bed. Was crying, kristie had hadley on top of her and could not move, mike was in the bathroom so kristie kept telling cohen to hold on daddy would be there in a minute. It was a great night to say the least. We both slept maybe 2 hours if we were lucky.
We got up the next day and had a great breakfast at the Marriott the food was delicious. We had the restaurant to ourselves as it was Thanksgiving Morning.

We headed up to Kamas for dinner and Kristie's mom and family were so happy to see us. Very surprised to say the least. Dinner was great, the food was so gooooooooood. As you can see from these pictures we had a great time.

Long story short Cohen got real sick ended up in instacare, we took hadley along as well to get checked out. Cohen had pretty high fever and took him another week to finally recover. Poor little man. Hadley came out pretty good never got too sick. Not sure if the weather had anything to do with it but we are sure it did not help. Mom and Dad love to travel so they might as well get used to it early. Fun times for sure. Getting all geared up for our next trip to Utah in a month for Christmas........DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN :)

Thanksgiving Trip to Utah 2010

The only 5 minutes on the plan where the kids were a little mellow...gotta love traveling with 17 month olds. Trip only got better haha...

Kids ate about every kind of cracker the plane had to offer and most of it ended up on the floor not in their mouths

At the Marriott where we stayed overnight so our families would be surprised. They did not know we were coming...

Dad's Favorite Time of the Day..........Love the snuggles

New Gilbert Temple Site

We had our picture taken at the new Gilbert, Temple site. It is only about 3 miles from our house and we look forward to having the blessing of a temple in our back yard.

Halloween 2010

Halloween was a blast with our little Pirate and Strawberry....Gotta love the stache on Cohen....nice work mom with the mascara.